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  • 7.5kg analog servo FS5106M
    7.5kg analog servo FS5106M
    Product Model No:FS5106M
    Structure Size:40.1*20.1*38.9
    Product  Weight:55± 1g
    The Maximum Speed:0.26sec/60°@6V
    The Stall Torque:7.5kg.cm@6V
    The Rotation Degree:180°
  • 6V 6kg Digital Servo FS5106B
    6V 6kg Digital Servo FS5106B
    Product Model No:FS5106B
    Structure Size:40.1*20.15*37.2mm
    Product  Weight:41.5± 1g
    The Maximum Speed:0.105sec/60°@6V
    The Stall Torque:6kg.cm@6V
    The Rotation Degree:180°
  • 15kg digital dual axis robot servo FT15M
    15kg digital dual axis robot servo FT15M
    Product Model No:FT15M
    Structure Size:40.2*20.2*40.1mm
    Product  Weight:61.8± 1g
    The Maximum Speed:0.161sec/60°@7.4V
    The Stall Torque:19.5kg.cm@7.4V
    The Rotation Degree:180°± 5°
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