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After sales service terms

1. Warranty conditions:

1.1 For the purchased goods with quality problems, 365 days warranty service is provided, but the warranty period for the internal worn-out products is 6 months (the worn-out products are motors, gear sets and servo housings).

1.2 The quality problem of the products (product failure caused by poor devices or processes) is confirmed by our technical personnel;

1.3 For the products that have been guaranteed and returned to the factory for repair, they can enjoy the extended warranty service of 60 days after repair (calculated from the date when they are repaired and sent back)

2. Disclaimer:

In any of the following cases, the product does not meet the warranty conditions:

2.1 The servo fails due to the mixing of water or other liquids;

2.2 Circuit damage caused by exceeding the rated voltage range;

2.3 Users disassemble or change the product structure by themselves;

2.4 Products whose shell is seriously damaged or deformed;

2.5 The gear is broken, the bearing is broken and the motor is burnt due to improper use or installation;

3. Freight handling:

3.1 Chinese Mainland: for products that meet the warranty conditions, the customer shall pay the freight for sending them to Feetech, and Feetech shall pay the freight for returning them to the customer after the products are repaired;

3.2 Areas outside Chinese Mainland: whether in warranty period or not, the round-trip freight shall be borne by the customer; 

3.3 The round-trip freight generated when the customer needs our company to upgrade the software shall be borne by the customer; 

Note: when you send back the repair products, please choose a regular express company (foreign customers can choose DHL, FedEx or UPS Express). After sending, please contact our salesman to facilitate timely receipt and processing.

4. After sales service process 

The detailed description of the above after-sales service flow chart is as follows:

4.1 If the customer finds that the product is not used normally and the product is confirmed to be damaged after careful inspection, he / she can directly contact the salesman of Feetech RC Model CO.,Ltd. (phone, WhatsApp, email, QQ, etc.);

4.2 The salesman and the Feetech technician confirm whether it is an operation method problem;

4.3 If Feetech technicians believe that the products really need to be repaired, the customer shall inform the salesman of the details of the products to be repaired, the express number, the addressee and other information, and attach a piece of paper to the products to be repaired, indicating the name, address, contact information, use failure and maintenance requirements); The salesman shall fill in the maintenance form of Feetech products. 

4.4 FEETECH RC Model CO.,Ltd.. shall evaluate the damage after receiving the product. If charging is required, the user shall be contacted by telephone or email and the maintenance cost and payment information shall be informed. After the user agrees to the maintenance quotation, the maintenance can be carried out.

4.5 After the product is repaired, the after-sales personnel shall contact the user and confirm the contact information (addressee, contact number and address). After confirming the receipt of the user's maintenance fee, they can arrange to send it back. (in general, our company communicates with the customer first, and after confirming that the product needs to be repaired, the repair will be completed within 7-10 working days, and the product and the original parts will be sent back to the user.)

5. Address of Feetech after sales service center:

Address: 2 Floor, No. 60, Puxia Road, Liu yue, Henggang Town,

Longgang, Shenzhen, China

Post code:518173


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