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Model Product description Structural features Electronic features
FB5116M Standard digital servo+Common magnetic carbon brush motor+copper gear+With overload protection+320 potentiometer feedback wire (servo mode) 15kg.cm/25T copper without Gear point/320 degree potentiometer/130CH brushless motor/long life time/300:1

1: Large angle control (300 degrees: 500-2500us)

2: With out of control protection (power failure signal output)

3: Overheat protection (over 80 ℃, powerless output, programmable adjustment)

4: Overload protection (over 80% of stall torque, lasting for 8 seconds, torque becomes 20%)

5: High servo update rate (250Hz)

6: Dual mode operation (programmable switching between servo mode and motor mode)

7: With analog feedback (0.1v-3.2v corresponding to 0-300 degrees)

FB5118M Standard digital servo+Strong magnetic large torque+Steel gear + overload protection + temperature overload protection + 320 potentiometer feedback wire (servo mode)

17kg.cm/25T Steel Gear without gear point/320 degree potentiometer/speed ratio 300:1

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