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  • 24V 120kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo
    24V 120kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo
    Product Model No:SM120BL
    Structure Size:78*43*65.5mm
    Product  Weight:485g
    The Maximum Speed:0.2sec/ 60degree 50RPM@24V
    The Stall Torque:120kg.cm@24V
    The Rotation Degree:360° (when 0~4096)
  • 24V 85kg Modbus-rtu servo
    24V 85kg Modbus-rtu servo
    Product Model No:SM-8524-C002
    Structure Size:62*34*47mm
    Product  Weight:215g
    The Maximum Speed:0.154sec/60°@12V
    The Stall Torque:85kg.cm@12V
    The Rotation Degree:(360°/4095)
  • 24V 45kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo
    24V 45kg RS485 Modbus-RTU servo
    Product Model No:SM-45BL-C002
    Structure Size:46.5*28.5*34mm
    Product  Weight:100g
    The Maximum Speed:0.285sec/60degree 35RPM
    The Stall Torque:45kg.cm@12V
    The Rotation Degree:360°(when 0~4096)-CW
  • 24V 12kg Modbus-RTU servo
    24V 12kg Modbus-RTU servo
    Product Model No:SM-2924-C001
    Structure Size:40*28*42.3mm
    Product  Weight:100g
    The Maximum Speed:110RPM
    The Stall Torque:12kg.cm@12V
    The Rotation Degree:(360°/4096)
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