FT-6DOF-NB FEETECH 6 Degrees of Freedom Nano Biped

Date:Aug 7, 2014

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180 × 90 × 45 mm


800 g

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FT-6DOF-NB Biped Part list

Aluminum Main U-shape Bracket FK-MU-001 X 1pcs

Aluminum Foot Plate FK-FP-001 X 2pcs

Aluminum Servo-side Bracket FK-SB-001 X 2pcs

Aluminum U-shape Bracket 37mm FK-US-001 X 6pcs

Aluminum U-shape Bracket 27mm FK-US-002 X 4pcs

FT-NANO Shield X 1pcs

TTLinker_mini X 1pcs

FEETECH SCServo SCS15 X 6pcs

SCServo 3P Black Cable with 5264 connecter
100mm X 4pcs
150mm X 2pcs

Screw and Nut two set

Still Need

Arduino NANO board X 1pcs
Battery 6V~9V
Dupont wires

组装步骤 Assembly Procedure.

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